Interior Design for Small Spaces/ Personal Enrichment Course @ CUNY

In today’s world of consumerism and globalization, decorating for your personal living space can be a challenge and an overwhelming task; add to this the price of real estate, whether you own or rent, and all of a sudden the word “small” becomes relative. At md² we help people transform and re-design their own living space by discovering their own inner design voice.

We will help you deal with your daily tasks and and storage limits by planning realistic expectations and achievable goals. md² will help motivate and inspire you to start customizing your personal living space by balancing your lifestyle by emphasizing your relationship between your time, space, and your quality of urban living.

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This is the  class syllabus of the continuing education  personal enrichment course that I teach at Hunter and Hostos Community Colleges  of  the City  University of New York (CUNY). Check their online class offerings for times and dates for this Fall.