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FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Is Living in a small space a lifestyle or a location?

Living in small spaces can be a bit challenging. We at MD2 like to think of space not as much as a location but more as the interaction of  time spent within a specific space. We like to refer to this as your livingspace. livingspaces can be communal (coffeeshop, park, etc) or personal (the closet, your garden, etc.).

A livingspace that is  small can present anybody with a bit of a challenge specially in todays culture of consumerism and globalization. So here lies the problem: how do we find a balance that will create a more positive experience  within our personal livingspaces? Communal livingspaces are another story since they tend to present themselves to us more as a personal choice: If you had a bad experience, you really don’t have to come back.

What we at MD2 have learned from dealing with our clients is that no amount of design will solve this problem without some form of lifestyle re-adjustments. The bottom line is that for any livingspace to work, the fundamental answer becomes more organizational and not so much spacial.

Part of our work at MD2 is to help our clients realize that a big part of the problem and solution is not the space but the person who inhabits it. Living in small spaces is a lifestyle either by choice(unlikely) or circumstance (financial) and not a location. The sooner they realize this fact; the faster we can  start re-designing their livingspace. This step of de-clutterasation(physical and mental) is one of the first and hardest to make and does not cost a penny.

So here is were our expertise materializes: do you really need a good small space specialist or is it what you really need is a good psychologist? A penny for your thoughts.



We all know how expensive original artwork can be, so here is a wonderful idea:become your own artist. With inspiration from my garden and a couple  hundred dollars,  I had  this close-up photo of a gladiolus flower blowed-up into a 3′ x 5′ masterpiece.