Micro-pad Solutions 101

  • Think vertically. We rent or buy space based on square footage but we get a three dimensional space.Use that third dimension to its fullest potential. Adding  color to the ceiling; Hanging art work and building shelves close to the ceiling frees a lot of space and it creates an illusion of expansiveness as it directs your eyesight upward.                                    
  • Lighting is key. Incorporating all forms of lighting is the key and main ingredient in creating an inviting  livingspace environment. Use all three types of lighting (general, task and accent )  to create ambiance. Adding dimmers and inconspicuous lighting sources can help you achieve these goals. There is a lot of products out in the market when it comes to lighting but try to use lighting fixtures that have multi-functional purposes. I’ve seen room dividers  that function as a lighting source.
  • The unconventional solution. a lot of small spaces in todays’ cities are unconventional. Your spatial solutions should follow the same unconventional pattern. Customization is the answer and It allows you to be more inventive and creative, giving you more control over the actual physical appearance of your livingspace. It may be more costly then mass produce but the reward is priceless. 
  • Develop new function to space. Micro-pads are usually carved from pre-existing larger ones. This usually creates strange , odd and dead end spots. Use your creativity and  develop a new purpose to these spaces.
  • Multi-functional space. The  main reason we create clutter in micro-pads in that we perform our daily rituals  in one place. Create multi-functionality  to space by taking advantage of movable or temporary dividers to compartmentalize the room.